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Michelle Noordink - Sculptors Bio 

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Michelle grew up surrounded by a family of artists.  From a young age she was taught to see the world in a different way, especially by her father, the known sculptor Laurence Allen. She was able to find beauty and wonder in unexpected places.​

Though she was shaped in her younger years by her families’ methods, it was while living and travelling for many years through Asia, North America, and Europe, that she first developed her own unique style.  Michelle’s professional life working in the creative art of advertising, interior design and fashion allowed her to see how her style fit in the world.

Michelle’s families work is more based around realism, whereas she creates more abstract pieces.

Michelle loves creating a lot of texture in her sculptures, it enhances the visual story for the viewer keeping them engaged.

She loves crafting earthy and organic designs.  She has periods where she becomes obsessed in different aspects of nature.  This series was mainly inspired by the ocean and life under the sea.

“There’s something so fascinating about life under the sea. It’s mysterious and a life we rarely get to see and experience”.

Michelle’s work is intriguing, where it allows the mind to wander and create its own stories about each piece.

“I love hearing each person’s perspective on what meaning they find in each piece”. 

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